About Us

We are experienced, qualified, and discreet marketing and sales professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of industrial experience especially in mobile and mobile accessories industry.

We are based in the United Kingdom and aim to work with business' across the world with different industries and profiles. Mr. Rohitkumar Jasani and Mr. Rajkumar Vekariya are leading the business Marketing & Sales consultancy operations as the two Company Directors and equal Shareholders. In addition to the above full time consultants our team includes part-time associates to manage the work-load, to provide specific industry expertise and provide local country implementation capability.

We aim to support you using a rigorous question based method to get to the heart of the issues. We provide a support solution driven by your needs. We work extensively with your current internal team members and provide the resources to support the internal management team to deal with the challenging issues. As your Marketing & Sales Consultants we aim to provide exclusive advise and direction to your internal management team; manage and conduct your entrusted marketing and sales assignments; provide direct support as necessary; focus exclusively on your marketing and sales issues without the distractions of normal business; concentrate on the issues and assignment with clear objectivity; devote significant time to developing processes and tools for analysis and development, such as the Sales Scorecard and other potential solutions aimed at individual aspects of the sales and marketing environment and conduct regular research and development work to enhance your business.

Rohitkumar Jasani
Sales & Marketing Consultant (Director)

Mr. Rohitkumar Jasani who is a Sales & Marketing Consultant by profession is one of the director and shareholder at Quicksales&Marketing Limited. He started his career as Sales & Marketing Executive with a UK based company in March 2012 and later incorporated his own business, Quicksales&Marketing Limited in 2013. Mr. Jasani's established global network has offered him an opportunity to venture as a Sales & Marketing consultant and provide services to businesses based in China particularly in the mobile accessories industry, who are keen in establishing and expanding their business in the UK and European markets. Apart from providing Sales & Marketing consultancy services Mr. Jasani is also managing the organizational internal sales and marketing functions in association with his business partner and co-director Mr. Rajkumar Vekariya.

Rajkumar Vekariya
Sales & Marketing Consultant (Director)

Rajkumar Vekariya is an experienced and qualified Sales and Marketing consultant. He is one the director and shareholder at the Quicksales&Marketing Limited. Mr. Vekariya is a self-made entrepreneur and has excellent global references and a broad range of industrial experience especially in mobile accessories and related industry. After an extensive market research and analysis he incorporated a Sales and Marketing Consultancy Company in partnership with Mr. Rohitkumar Jasani, under the name Quicksales&Marketing Limited in 2013. Mr. Vekariya's expertise to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies, analysis of details of competitor's offerings, including product specifications, market share, pricing, and promotional strategies, recommends specific marketing approaches and spending budgets assists our clients to achieve their desired sales goals, helps them come up with new products and services and to increase their share in new or existing markets.